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Professional Textures for Immersive Environments

Primmersive Designworks creates professional seamless textures and non-seamless textures for 3D simulators, video game environments, and architectural and engineering renderings and walk-throughs. Our textures are used on virtual models created in 3DS Max, Blender, and other industry-leading 3D modeling and visualization applications, and are currently being used and praised by thousands of designers and builders in virtual simulator environments like Second Life®, InWorldz, and SpotOn3D.

Primmersive Designworks: Texturing Your Imagination

Our Fundamental Philosophy

We approach texture design for virtual worlds and game environments with one simple idea in mind: The textures you use will make or break your project, so they need to be designed with certain key points in mind...

Your virtual construct is an approximation of a real-world physical object and the realism conveyed by your model is directly dependent on the quality of the build itself, and the textures used to paint its surfaces. Whether that real-world object exists on Earth or a fantasy realm of your creation, it is likely subject to some kind of physics. All too often we see well-executed virtual constructs and three-dimensional models lacking in surface detail or lacking a proper eye for lighting. This renders the final product flat and cartoon-like, but it's not the fault of the builder. It's the fault of inferior textures which fail to take into account the subtle forces in our environment, and how those forces influence our perception of the world around us.

Primmersive Designworks futuristic textures for futuristic environments

At the core of our approach to texture design is a careful observation of the real world, or the virtual world you bring us into when you commission us to paint what your imagination has created. Whether the subject of your project is organic or manufactured, it is likely not a smooth flat shape existing in a vacuum, devoid of light. It requires lighting and shadow to reveal and enhance its shape and depth. Organic or not, it requires the proper amount and saturation of color to bring it to life.

It's true that one size does not fit all. Your project, and the setting in which you've placed it, are unique. The textures you use to bring it to life require the same individuality. At Primmersive, we focus on the often overlooked details; the physics, setting, and theme, to craft highly realistic textures, designing the surfaces that make your environment truly immersive. Contact us to discuss the details of your design project. We'd love to paint your imagination.







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