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We've done our best to create an easy to search database for our growing collection of 3D textures for artists, architects, designers, and modelers. Our site contains numerous categories to browse, with subcategories for enhanced organization. You may enter keywords in the search box to narrow your choices.

Quick Search

By default this website uses a "Match ALL Keywords" system for the quick search function. The more keywords you use in the "Quick Search" box, the fewer results will be returned. This way you are able to refine your search as you go along, by adding more and more specific keywords to your search term. For example:

If you search the keyword: texture
You will receive thousands of results because each of our textures has the keyword 'texture' included in it.

If you search the keywords: stone texture
You will receive fewer results, containing only textures with the words 'stone' AND 'texture' in them.

If you search the keywords: aged stone texture
You will further refine your search results, receiving fewer, but more specific results.

Common Search Terms

We've added commonly used built-in keywords related to textures and 3D modeling which you can use to narrow down your results.

Here is a brief index to assist you in narrowing down general terms:

  • seamless: applies to seamless textures. All seamless textures in our product line are labeled as such
  • nonseamless: applies to non-seamless textures and should be favored over 'non seamless' and 'non-seamless'.
  • 512px: applies to pixel dimensions and should be favored over '512 px' and '512-px'
  • 1024px: applies to pixel dimensions and should be favored over '1024 px' and '1024-px'
  • transparent: applies to textures with some level of transparency. Alternate acceptable terms: 'alpha' and 'transparency'.
  • 24bit: applies to channel bit depth and should be favored over '24 bit' and '24-bit'
  • 32bit: applies to channel bit depth and should be favored over '32 bit' and '32-bit'

NOTE: All nonseamless textures in our product line are labeled as such.
NOTE: Non-transparent textures are considered the 'default' and are not labeled as such.
NOTE: If you wish to search only non-transparent images, you can add " -transparent " (without the quotes) to your search. This will eliminate any results containing "transparent".

Advanced Search

While the Quick Search will be sufficient for the wide majority of searches, the advanced search function offers options allowing you to choose which operand you want to use for your searches. There are three options available:

  • Match at least one keyword
    The system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords in its properties.
  • Match all keywords
    The system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords in its properties.
  • Match exact phrase
    The system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase in its properties. For those familiar with our categorization system, this type of search can be used to quickly narrow down a subcategory of textures (i.e. Concrete Paved Roads or Leather Builder's Kit)


The Primmersive.com website displays JPG samples of our textures, which have been saved at a JPG Quality setting of 75%. This helps maintain a balance between the original clarity and efficient download speed.

Textures purchased from Primmersive are delivered in uncompressed TIFF (Tagged Image File) Format with a Top-Down / Top-Left origin, and are individually compressed in ZIP files to save download time without affecting the image quality. TIF is a 100% true, uncompressed, bit-mapped image format and compatible with a wide array of image manipulation and page layout software as well as 3D modeling and rendering applications. The average 512x512 TIF file available on this site is 770KB. The average 1024x1024 TIF file is 3MB. The average 4096x4096 TIF file is 50MB. Delivered inside ZIP files, these sizes are dramatically reduced for download to an average of 550KB, 2MB, and 15MB respectively. Please rest assured, the image data you receive remains unaltered and 100% true to the original Photoshop master file.

Other file formats may be made available on special request and as available.

Photoshop source files are not included with our texture products except in the case of custom commissioned design work where the design, and associated rights thereto, are transferred to the client.


The Lightbox

The Lightbox is your personal collection of preview images and is useful when you are browsing a number of related images for a project, but have not yet decided which of the images you will be purchasing. The lightbox will give you a useful 'grid overview' of your current top choices. You may add up to 30 images to your lightbox. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your lightbox, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image. Select the items that you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button.

Image Format Conversion

Should you require image delivery for textures or associated maps (maps available for 2048px and higher only) in formats other than our standard TIFF format, we provide format conversion as a one-off service. Please contact us for info regarding image format conversion.


My Account

The 'My Account' page displays your order history and allows you to download any instant download orders.

Payment Method

You will need to tell our shopping cart which payment method you would like to use to pay for your purchases. By default the payment method is PPP (pay per purchase). Using this payment method you will need to pay during the checkout process. If other payment methods are available (e.g. Subscription or Package) you can select another payment method in the Payment Method drop down menu. You must purchase these options before you are able to use them. If available, they can be purchased through the Products page.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart displays your order details. If you wish to delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply click the remove link 'X' to the right of the item you wish to remove.

Checking Out

You will need to be a registered user, and currently logged in, to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders.

We utilize PayPal for purchases made on this site. Paypal is a well-known and highly accessible service which is used to process your credit card details in a secure manner. Once your payment has been processed by Paypal, you will be returned to your account on the Primmersive website and your purchased items will be available for download.

We may, at our discretion, make additional "payment gateways" available for use on this site. Please feel free to contact us with any requests for additional credit card processors.


Product Return Policy for Textures

Due to the nature of digital imagery and textures, we are unable to accept returns or provide refunds for purchases of texture resources. We provide preview images for you to review prior to purchase, and a lightbox feature allowing you to compare multiple images before making a purchase decision.







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