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User Interface And Web Design

Services Include:

  • web site design, prototyping, and development
  • web site updates, redesign/face-lifts, and redeployment
  • customized and branded application design
  • personalized web (UI) User Interface design

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with a full range of web and media design services. From the story board to website roll-out, Primmersive is positioned to assist you with all your media development needs.

User Interface (UI) design

Primmersive Designworks has experience with optimized application and web site design for usability and ease of navigation. We have developed application user interface design for distance-learning for the US Army, and user interface design for campus-wide university information kiosk networks.

Standards compliant web design

Why is standards compliant design important to your business and your company's web site deployment? Standards compliant web design ensures that a site is compliant with HTML and XHTML standards wherever applicable, is search-engine friendly, and allows the widest possible viewership to reach and be able to read your site. The structural information present in a standards compliant web document makes it easy for search engines to access and index the information present within the page. Additionally, web standards are written to be understandable by older web browsers which may still be in use today.

Web site design, prototyping and development

We use industry-standard applications including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver and Flash, to develop eye-catching and standards compliant web sites that will get your customers interested and your business growing. Following a proven, adaptable, three-stage development process, we work closely with you to design and develop a user interface experience that suits the particular needs of your business and its target market. Whether we design your branding identity for you, or use your existing logo design in a project we undertake, you can be assured of seamless and memorable integration.

Primmersive can design sitewide management templates, utilizing industry standard Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver web development applications. These templates are different from the abundant layout templates available on the internet in that they are designed specifically for your website, and only your website. Our templates aid in the management of your business or personal website, reducing the amount of structural maintenance required in the regular upkeep of your site. After consulting with your staff or in-house web development team, we produce a highly structured model that integrates with your site, and around which your company can grow.

Web site templates

Primmersive Designworks has considerable experience with Adobe web site development products, and have experience with Dreamweaver for web site design since 1997. Primmersive Designworks' founder has served as a member of the Macromedia (now Adobe) beta testing team, evaluating pre-market versions of Dreamweaver prior to their market release.

Seamless web site management templates for Dreamweaver and Frontpage

We do not use canned template designs for any of the work we develop for our clients. Canned site templates are easy to spot on the web, and there is no shortage of vendors selling them. The problem with these sites is they are seldom, if ever, standards compliant, nor are they optimized for anything but broadband connections. Worse still, canned templates are sold en masse, to multiple customers. Your business is unique. Shouldn't your website be unique as well?

Utilizing our depth of experience with the Adobe Dreamweaver product, Primmersive can design and develop Adobe Dreamweaver templates which are fully compatible with, and adapted to, your existing web site, or which can be used as a foundation for your new web site design rollout.







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